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Anal Orgasm.........Almost

So, tomorrow marks my 50th (!!!) day in chastity. 50 days of no touching my dicklet. 50 days of no cumming. It's been difficult at times, but at this point, regardless of how much I wish I could jerk off like a real man, I would beg my Owners to keep me locked up. I'm not even joking. You heard me right. I would beg them not to unlock my little dicklet. At this point, it just feels right. It reminds me that I am not a real man. That I am a faggot slave in service. I would feel lost if it were free.

Last night, Master J chained me up against the wall, spread-eagle. He teased my locked dicklet and my nipples while a hypnosis file played in the background. I can't seem to recall what the title of the file was, but it definitely turned me on. At one point, Master unchained my legs and pushed them further apart being chaining them again. I was blindfolded and gagged.

He asked me if I was ready to accept some of the discipline I had coming to me for various infractions. Once I …
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I actually haven't gotten the punishments that I have coming to me, which actually kind of worries me because I feel like they are piling up and when I finally get it, it's going to be rough. However, a lot of times I think that waiting may be worse than the actual flogging/paddling/caning.

Yes, I want my Masters to beat me. Not only does it force me to get my focus on service back, but it reminds me of my status in the hierarchy of the household. And I'm not hoping to get any sexual thrill out of this, which is where some people get confused. There are masochists who get off from pain, but I do not count myself among their number. To me, when I am crying and begging my Masters to stop, I come to a realization that I am not in control. When I am promising to never make whatever mistake I made again, I can see that I really am a slave and that I have willingly placed myself under Their control. 
However, I have to say that the best thing about being disciplined like this, i…

Morning Musings

What does it mean that my back hurts when I sleep in a bed now? Is my body adjusting to being a slave, sleeping on the floor in my cell or at the foot of my Masters' bed? Must be. I'm happy about that actually. Slaves don't really deserve to sleep in beds like real Men. I think one of my favorite pictures that I remember from back when I was first learning about this lifestyle was a slave naked, sleeping on the hard floor beside it's Owner's bed. A chain was attached to the bed post. No sheet, no pillow, no blanket.

I've been working on my Tumblr a bit today. So, lots of new pics getting reblogged and uploaded.

I'm so crazy horny this morning. I'm laying on the floor beside my Masters' bed and working on learning and experimenting with Wordpress, per Master J's instruction. My ass feels empty and I want Their cocks so bad. My chastity device is straining. At This point I would just about beg for Them to beat me, just to feel Their power. 

More Humiliation

So, I'm not sure if I will get to serve my Masters tonight, but I am so horny that all I can think about is being humiliated and degraded by Them. It seems to be the theme for the week. Master J has been upping my fag training and now I can't think of anything else. I listen to fag hypno files every night, and last night I was made to perform on cam for another Dom who I'd never met. Anyway, I was randomly thinking of other things that I would find humiliating. Although, I failed to point out in my last post that just the mere act of being a slave is humiliating. I am absolutely proud to serve my Masters, but every now and then I get a little embarrassed. After all, how many men do you know who would willingly lick and suck another man's feet, let alone beg for his cock, or do his laundry and dishes? Certainly, no men that I know. Definitely a few fags though. I'm learning my place. 
Here are some more of the things that I would find particularly humiliating.



When I was younger, probably til around my early twenties actually, the idea of being naked in front of others was mortifying. I would wake up at 3 in the morning in the college dorms to go shower when no one was around and then go back to bed. However, once I discovered that I was meant to be a slave, I quickly learned that inhibitions and privacy would not be part of my life. I still am a little embarrassed being naked, but I’ve learned to deal with it and even at times enjoy it.
I’d say the biggest humiliation in my past was when I was taken to Folsom and made to walk on the end of a leash, completely naked except for chastity cage and boots. I was really embarrassed and was actually physically shaking a bit from the humiliation. Anytime we stopped, I had to kneel with legs spread and hands behind head until the Dom tugged my leash again to keep going.
Oddly enough, humiliation has always been a huge turn-on for me. But I guess it’s like corporal punishment. Many men assume that i…

Foot Slave

So, I've never been "into" feet. I've never been the type to see a pic of a man's feet and start drooling, and actually, I've never really had much experience in foot worship. However, the last few weeks have got me crawling towards my Masters' feet and even begging to sniff and lick them. Today, I was really going crazy over Master J's feet.

I've always known that a slave's place is at his Masters' feet, but I guess I've always taken that more metaphorically. However, I'm starting to literally crave them. Master J says He hopes to keep reinforcing this new development. My newfound method of worship is also giving me interesting new fantasies. I keep imagining things like being under the table and worshipping Them while They enjoy Their dinner. Or being Their footstool while They relax and watch TV.

I love that my chastity is bringing so much of this out in me. I'm getting so horny. Now I understand why so many Masters believe …

Faggot Pride

As I lay my head on Master J's lap, a rush of happiness and pride swept through me. I felt so fulfilled knowing that I had made Him proud. I am not allowed on the furniture often, so this felt very special. He said that I had done a good job.


I was chained in the corner of the playroom. Naked and kneeling, my hands above my head, each strike of the flogger across my chest sent pain and heat towards the point of impact. I was gagged and blindfolded; all I could hear was the droning of the hypno file Master had playing through the speakers in the room. With my hands completely bound, Master had removed my chastity device. I could feel my hard cock throbbing, but there was nothing that I could do about it. Even after my hands were unbound, I knew better than to start stroking. (Actually, if I'm being honest, Master J had to stop me as the hypno file had suggested otherwise.)

Be a good faggot. Look at that dirty faggot. He would do anything for cock. 

The voice droned on. M…